A Green Wall
A Green Wall

'The bar on the edge of space!' ... 'Home of the renowned space lime!' ... 'The-'

What's a space lime? What corner of the galaxy have you been hiding in? Our limes are grown in zero gravity, giving them a ... psychedelic kick. Here, I'll make you a Lime Punch, it's our most famous cocktail. Perfect for beginners.

So, tell me, what species are you? Human? We don't get many of those passing through since the fall. Well, whatever your reason for travelling this far, you're safe. I only ask you to abide by House Rules and share a story or two. I love stories. They're the perfect accompaniment to any space lime cocktail, don't you think? I'm actually working on archiving a few- let future generations know what went down in this crazy bar of mine over the years. Let me know if you're interested.

Anyway, enjoy your drink and enjoy your stay. Feel free to look around- our notice board is down the hall. But watch your back, you never know who- or what- you might bump into.

Welcome aboard Bar 26-41

-Talia Hett

retired bounty hunter, barkeep,

collector of stories

A Green Wall
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necromancer for hire. Low rates. No questions

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wanted: crew for interdimensional travel. Food provided

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Sticky Note Paper Background
  • 12-point size + double spaced (if suitable for form)
  • Attach submission as a separate file, do not copy into the body of the email
  • Please also attach an author bio max. 100 words + an author picture
  • Put SUBMISSION as the subject line with 2-3 sentences describing your piece to spacelimezine@gmail.com
  • If you have any questions, put QUERY as the subject line to the same email address
  • You don't have to identify as female to submit, but work must be female-led
  • All submitted work is subject to editing for grammar, spelling and formatting
  • I accept simultaneous submissions, as long as you let me know this is the case and as soon as it is accepted elsewhere
  • All rights remain with the author with no period of exclusivity
  • Multiple submissions welcome
  • Prose 2000 words maximum but short, snappy pieces are preferred
  • Poems should be no more than 200 words
  • Artwork should fit on one A5 page
  • Pay is not possible at this time, but chosen artists will receive a free digital copy of the magazine
  • The deadline is October 31st. Accepted pieces will be notified 2 weeks after the closing date
  • All sub-genres of sci-fi are welcome, humour is always appreciated
  • The next issue will be released in November, subject to submissions
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Egg left at bar, please return is found.

Dial 666 It is

very important that egg doesn't hatch!!!!

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Wanted: Feminist speculative fiction stories, poems, artwork and artefacts from across the galaxy.

Theme: Women in Space

Give me weird, give me wonderful, give me down-right-trippy tales from women who are unapologetic, who bleed, who aren't afraid to start a bar brawl, or to fly to the unexplored regions of space and hold up a middle finger in the face of society.

Work can be any setting or subgenre but must be female-centred. Extra points if it makes reference to the bar in some way.

Work can be traditional prose or unconventional. Think newspaper clippings, messages, how-to guides, manuals, leaflets, receipts, recipes (how would you cook space limes?), songs, adverts, travel itineraries, coasters, posters, or artwork that might be up on the walls of the bar. Whatever you can think of, I'll accept. Let your imagination run wild!

Deadline: October 31st

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A Green Wall
A Green Wall
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